The 5th edition of Hercules Marathon & Semimarathon will take place on the 8th of June 2014 !


IMPORTANT ! In 2014 the number of participants at Hercules Marathon and Hercules Semimarathon is limited to 400. Make sure you have your spot at the starting line by registering early!

Registration process:

To register on-line for Hercules Marathon one needs to (is required):
   1. pay a participation fee;
   2. fill in the registration form (here);
   3. take upon himself to sign a declaration and the competition rules when given the contest number on the 7th of June.
Prepay for the on-line registrations can be made until the 31st of May. The validation of all the registration entries will take place the day before the contest, on the 7th of June, in Motel Dumbrava area between 17:00 and 23:00 hours.

Participation fee:

* 70 ron (~15 euros) until 31st of March

* 85 ron (~20 euros) between 1st of April and 30th of April

* 100 ron (~23 euros) between 1st of May and 31st of May

Payment methods:
- bank transfer or payment order until the 31st of May. Account details:
Clubul Sportiv Alternative
Banca Comerciala Romana
Sucursala Timis Bastion
IBAN: RO65RNCB0255114610340001
Payment details: "[First Name] [Last Name] - Hercules Maraton"

- cash, when the registration entries are validated on 7th of June

Contact: for further details you can contact us by email:

We're looking forward to having you there.

Registration form for Hercules Maraton

This track represents a challenge for all of us. Either you are super-well-trained and you aim for the first place, or you want to prove yourself that you can do it, this track will charm you with the diversity and beauty of its landscapes.
Length: 44.5km
Total elevation difference: 2300m
Type of terrain: mountain paths and forest tracks; except some steep parts, fit for running
Overview: mountain circuit around Arjana Peak (1512m)


Elevation profile:

Detailed elevation profile:

Check and refreshment points:

No.  Location  Altitude     Total distance Intermediate distance Vertical positiv gain Vertical negative
0. Start 222m - - - -
1. Podul Tasnei 272m 2.3km 2.3km 72m 22m
2. Biserica Dobraia 885m 6.1km 3.8km 618m 5m
3. Poiana Lunga 992m 9.6km 3.5km 172m 65m
4. Pas Cracul Teiului 905m 14.4km 4.8km 88m 175m
5. Bogaltin 567m 18.3km 3.9km 0m 338m
6. Fantana Babii 1084m 21.5km 3.2km 517m 0m
7. Cracul Ciumerna 1164m 23.5km 2.0km 107m 27m
8. Saua Ciumerna 1480m 25.6km 2.1km 316m 0m
9. Inelet 774m 31.9km 6.3km 0m 706m
10. Prisacina 831m 37.8km 5.9km 295m 238m
11. Biserica Dobraia 885m 40.2km 2.4km 144m 90m
12. Finish 263m 44.5km 4.3km 0m 622m
No.  Point Name            Point   Total distance
0. Start Pod Vanturatoarea Check point -
1. Podul Tasnei Check point 2.3km
2. Izvor Cracul Teiului2/trecerea 1 Refreshment point 5.4km
3. Biserica Dobraia/trecerea 1 Check point 6.1km
4. Izvor Poiana Lunga Revitalizare 13.1km
5. Cracul Teiului-Bogaltin Check point 15.3km
6. Sat Bogaltin Check and Refreshment point 18.3km
7. Izvor Fantana Babii Refreshment point 21.5km
8. Cracul Ciumerna Check point 23.5km
9. Saua Ciumerna Check point 25.6km
10. Inelet hamlet Check and Refreshment point 31.9km
11. Sat Prisacina Check and Refreshment point 37.8km
12. Biserica Dobraia/trecerea 2 Check point 40.2km
13. Izvor Cracul Teiului2/trecerea 2 Refreshment point 40.9km
14. Finish Motel Dumbrava Check and Refreshment point 44.5km

Click on the map to open

GPS track here: gpx (Garmin Map Source) or kml (Google Earth).

1. General description
  • Outdoor mountain competition
  • The track comprises forest roads, public roads, marked touristic paths and unmarked mountain and forest paths. The organizers will place markings all along the track.
2. Participation
  • Open to any person with minimum age limit: 18.
  • The organizers recommend only the participation of persons medically fit for effort.
3. Categories
  • General Female
  • General Male
  • 18-29 years Female
  • 18-29 years Male
  • 30-39 years Female
  • 30-39 years Male
  • 40-49 years Male
  • 40+ Female
  • 50+ Male
Prizes awarded only for categories with minimum 5 competitors. In case of less then 5 competitors for the category, it will be merged with the one preceding it.
4. Equipment
  • Mandatory: competitor number attached visibly in front side, all time during the competition
  • Recommended: Waterproof gear, water (camelback), energy bars, mobile phone, trekking poles.
5. Time is measured to the second.
6. Registration and validation of registrations
  • According to „Registration section”;
  • Validation on 7th of June, 17:00 - 23:00h at Dumbrava guest house;
  • For validation, a valid ID is needed, along with the signature of acceptance of the competition rules and a declaration of assuming the responsibility in case of accident.
  • You will receive the competitor number.
7. Refund: last date for refund (50%) is May 7th, 2014.
8. Technical Meeting: Saturday, 7th of June 2014 at 20:30h
9. Start: Sunday, 8th of June 2014, at 9:00h
10. Checkpoint/Refreshment post
Checkpoints and refreshment posts will be set up along the track. The competitors must pass by all the checkpoints – failing to do so will disqualify the competitor. At refreshment posts water, energizing drinks and fruits shall be provided.
11. The time limit is 10h (closing at 19:00h). Mandatory intermediate time is 4h, in the Bogaltin village checkpoint (at 13:00h) and 7h30' in Inelet hamlet. Participants not observing this limit shall be disqualified.
12. Stop / withdrawing from competition
The organizers may stop a participant’s race in the following situations:
  • Accident after the Start
  • Participant did not reach the intermediate time limit
  • Exceptional cases.
Any participant who can not or does not want to continue the race, for any reason, agrees to inform the organizers as soon as possible.
13. Actions attracting the disqualification of a participant:
  • Not observing the mandatory track; it is forbidden to shortcut the track by any means
  • Missing a checkpoint
  • Losing the participation number of failing to display the number, visibly on the chest
  • Using any vehicle during the race
  • Exceeding the imposed time limits
  • Abandon of equipment along the track
  • Leaving any garbage on the track
  • Un-respectful / un-sporty behavior towards other competitors, officials, organisers, supporters and locals.
* The organizers do not assume any responsibility in case of an accident or in case of a prejudice occurred due to participation at „Hercules Maraton” and reserve the right to change the track or stop the race in exceptional circumstances.
There are several possibilities for accomodation in the the Spa Town of Herculane, at 12km from the start/finish line. We recommend also the guest houses situated upstream the Cerna valley, closer to the place of competition.
Depending on your preferences, we suggest the following choices:
  • With your tent in the private glade near finish line
  • Dumbrava Guest House, at the border of Caras-Severin and Mehedinti county, situtated also next to the finish line: 25 double rooms with shower are available, at the price of 80RON (~20euro). We have reserved the entire guest house for this event – please contact us at before May 1 if you wish to be lodged there. The guest house also runs a 70 seats restaurant which serves hot meals.
  • Tierna Hotel – 4km downstream of start/finish line. Facilities: sauna, pool, thermal spa and fitness room.
For those of you who wish to spend one day before/after the Maraton discovering the adveturous lanscapes of Herculane, we propose a variety of activities – trekking, bike, rafting, canyoning, alpinism and climbing.
 „Vertical Adveture” Team challenges you to taste some adrenalin and get to know yourself better through these two activities: RAFTING and CANYONING.

Rafting: descent of Cerna river with the inflatable boats – under reserve of acceptable water level.  Fair swimming skills required.
Canyoning:descending a canyon using mountaineering techniques such as abseiling waterfalls and jumps. The price  includes all necessary equipement, coaching, assistance on the track and photographs.
For rafting and canyoning please make a reservation in time (preferably before 1 May), by phone +40723.993.359 / +40722.690.324 or by email For more information visit
1. Motel Dumbrava -Vanturatoarea Waterfall (marking: Red Cross, 3h round-trip)
Departing from Dumbrava Motel, we’ll follow the road for appx. 1km, then, after crossing the Cerna river, we’ll climb the windy forest path which leads to the 30m high Vinturatoarea Waterfall. This is a pleasant forest track, offering great views of Mehedinti Mountains, Cerna valley and the start line of the marathon.
2. Motel Dumbrava - Cheile Tesnei - Poiana Bechet 

(marking: Blue Cross 4h round-trip)
Heading towards Herculane, from the Dumbrava Motel, we’ll take a steeper path on the left, leading us to Tesna keys. This is a trek through a variety of landscapes – forests, quais, glades, waterfalls, cliffs and the famous black pine of Banat. By the end of the keys, we’ll find the „Devils Mill” (Moara Dracului) - a traditional vertical fall watermill, not far from the turning point for our trip, the Bechet Glade. Once, the border between Romania and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, lied along this trek on the Tesna river.

3. Crovul Mare-Poiana Mare-Poiana Beletinei

(marking: Red Cross, unmarked path, Blue Triangle).
Seven km-s upstream of Dumbrava Motel, we’ll follow the Red Cross marking which climbs the „Tamna Seaca” towards „Crovul Mare”. Taking the unmarked path, we’ll pas by „Crovul Mare”, „Poiana Mare” and „Poiana Beletinei”. From there, we’ll take a path to the left (Blue Triangle) descending to the Cerna Valley.
For the unmarked path you can check this GPS track.
You can find plenty of other beautiful treks in the region, such as Drastanic’s Keys, Prisacina’s Keys and the „Crovuri” (Mehedinti Mountains), all unmarked.
For Drastanic’s Keys you can choose the canyoning trip offered by our „Vertical Adventure” Team and here you’ll find a GPS track of the „Crovuri” (Mehedinti Mountains).
1. Motel Dumbrava - Cerna Sat - Cheile Corcoaiei - lacul Iovan

(appx.  35km one way, mixt).
The track goes upstream the Cerna Valley, on the road. After 8km, there is a nice stop for a view on the „Piatra Puscata” and on the path carved in the stone in 1839. Continue for 5 more km-s before leaving the main road (to Baia de Arama) and take the unasphalted road to Cerna Village (this intersection is marked). For a nice view on the Bobot wall, we suggest you to follow the road for a few hundred meters, until the panoramic point. From the intersection until Cenra Village (Cerna Sat), there are appx. 12 km-s. In the village, one can visit a watermill which is still in use.
Right after leaving the Cerna Village is the entry in the Corcoaiei’s Keys. You can bring the bikes on the other side of the river using the small bridge. Visiting the keys won’t take much of your time and it worths it. From this point the road takes a steep but short climb, then again it gets mild. The last effort is the one at the dam.
Check  some photos here.

2. Motel Dumbrava - Pasul Godeanu - Sat Godeanu 

Village(apx 25km dus, asphalt)
On the road coming from Herculane and heading to Baia de Arama, go along the Cerna Valley, by the „Piatra Puscata”, then pass by the intersection towards Cerna Sat and keep on the asphalted road. The view is superb on the Bobot Keys, Cerna mountains’ ridge, Stans’s Peak and Godeanu Village. See some of the images in this short film:

3. Circuitul prin muntii Mehedinti spre Izbucul Cernei

This is an alternative idea for a longer and more demanding track, with a lengh of appx. 85km-s, and 1400m altitude variation. To enter the circuit, leave the Dumbrava motel towards Cerna Village.
Find more details and  the GPS track here.
For climbing and mountaineering tracks you can visit  -  with details on the climbing regions and tracks. This is a project of C.S. Alternative Timisoara, following the need of gathering and sharing efficiently information on the Cerna Valley climbing region.
If  you wish to check the Cerna Valley meteo before the competition you can use this site:
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Sedinta tehnica
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